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Hi. I'm Sarah. I make a whole lot of hair. Sometimes I take pictures of it.

I never post pictures without permission, but I do reblog anything that looks cool. If you see your picture on here and it's not properly credited, let me know and I'll be happy to credit you however you like, or delete it -- whichever you prefer :)

E-mail: hair@ikickshins.net

Fax: 650-362-2336

I Kick Shins
PO Box 1886
Pacifica, CA 94044
United States

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Don’t let your body type stop you from enjoying gal!

<3 ;)

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Better Photos of My First Crochet Dreads

The darker dreads are made from black and dark purple kanekalon jumbo braid with neon purple and dark purple silky kanekalon. The shiny accents are Angelina Fibers in Orchid Pink and Ultra Violet. I also made some lighter crochet accent dreads. These are made using dark purple, black, medium purple, pale lilac, white, and platinum blonde.

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gobs and gobs of 

gooey green gopher guts

floating in my ice cream


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Greetings from your pastel goth neighbor

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